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Hello! I’m Vijay Yadav. Senior Software Engineer having specialization in realtime appication development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework and WCF. Strong background in project management and customer relations.

  • Date of birth
    January 29th 1991
  • Languages
    English, Hindi, Marathi
  • Hobbies
    Swimming, Photography, Travelling
  • Email

I have worked on serveral projects starting with education domain, I also worked on logistics and entertainment domain. I have ability to work individual as well as team member

I stood volunteer in Microsoft Appfest 2013 held at Amravati University. I also received certificate of appreciation for best performance in development of project KidKonnect

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Expertise in web, logo and graphics design using HTML, CSS, PS and Bootstrap


Powerful Web and Desktop application development using .Net technology


Development of Windows, Web and WCF services using .Net technology



Integration of API like Google maps, yahoo weather into web / desktop applications


It is rare to see someone with who brings such enthusiasm and initiative to any project. Our team performance benefited greatly from name’s dedicated work ethic, creative skills, and flexibility of thinking.

Sunil Bhende (SAP Manager)

Vijay displays great attitude towards work and has good work ethics. He is fast learner and not afraid to explore new ways of solving technical issues.

Nilesh Yadav (CEO Nplus1 Technologies)


Software Developer - NeoSOFT Technologies

Nov 2015 to present

I am working as individual here. I used to write windows and web services, deploying them to server and integrating these services with real time web and desktop applications.NeoSOFT Technologies International is a nice place to work with.

Software Developer - Pitasys Softwares

Sept 2014 - Oct 2015

I started developing mvc applications at pitasys softwares. I used to work with team here. I experienced here logistics work culture, managing fleets, live tracking of vehicles and integrating of Google Maps API with web application.

Software Developer - Appeal Qualiserve

Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

With Appeal Qualiserve I engaged in development of KidKonnect. I got appreciated here for best performance in development of KidKonnect. Appeal Qualiserve was a place where I put my first step for starting career.


Master of Computer Applications

2011 - 2014

I have completed MCA with first grade from Amravati University, Where I sharpened my inventory with experienced professionals. I stood volunteer for Micorsoft Appfest 2013 here.

Bachelor of Computer Applications

2008 - 2011

Also I completed BCA with first grade from Amravati University.


Following are the skills I am expertise in with

SQL / Entity Framework
Windows Services / Web Services / WCF
JQuery / Javascript / AJAX
HTML / CSS / Bootstrap
Google Maps API / Yahoo Weather API


1. Radius Broadcast System
Project Status - Ongoing

Radius Broadcast is automated radio management system by using which we can do schedule programs and deliver the contents like images, text, audio, weather details to the end user.

  • Team Size
  • Skills Used
    ASP.Net MVC, C#, Entity F/w, WCF
  • Duration
    Nov 2015 to Present
  • Project URL
2. Corp Commuter
Project Status - Complete

This product is developed for corporates for commutation. System has the capability to view the attendance report of employees those are using transportation by organization. Fleet management can be done easily by the developed system.

  • Team Size
  • Skills Used
    ASP.Net MVC, C#, Web Service
  • Duration
    Sep 2014 to Oct 2015
  • Project URL
3. KidKonnect
Project Status - Complete

Kid Konnect, is a one of a kind smartphone as well as web application that monitors all aspects of a child's schooling. Real time updates and notifications ensure parents are always connected to their child's learning. Coupled with heaps of other goodies for students, parents and teachers, Kid Konnect makes learning fun! For schools and parents staying connected with your child's progress is now just a click away!

  • Team Size
  • Skills Used
    ASP.Net MVC, C#, SQL Server, JQuery
  • Duration
    Jan 2014 to Aug 2014
  • Project URL


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